For the time being, during Covid-19, we are not seeing any clients in our home office in Waxahachie.  All sessions are by Phone, FaceTime or Zoom.  Please be sure to specify which type you want.  All sessions are recorded and we send an Mp3 to you.
Gift Certificates available.  Click Contact below and tell us which service and Recipient's name. We will send you an invoice
and follow up with a pdf that you can print and present or email to your friend or family member.  Valid for one year. 

45 min Phone or Skype Reading  $99 - Also Available on FaceTime or Zoom
Guidance Reading, Angel Reading, Tarot or Oracle Card Reading or Coaching Session

55 min Past Life Reading $125 - Available on Phone, FaceTime or Zoom
This session involves my taking a journey into one of your past lives and sharing what I learn about where and when you lived and other information that will help you heal a current situation in your life. I connect with Spirit and travel back in time, while we talk on Phone or Zoom.

55 min Relationship Healing Session $125 - Available on Phone, FaceTime or Zoom

In this session, we consider one relationship that is currently troubling you or one from your past that might call for healing.  I will connect to Spirit and ask about the energy in this relationship and how to heal it. This is great for clearing issues with parents, children or past loves.

Grief Session - $125 - Available on Phone, FaceTime or Zoom
This session is 55 min and I recommend 2 sessions.  Includes a copy of my book Navigating Grief with Grace, with 2 sessions booked.

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