Whether you are interested in your most recent past life or one from another era, PJ can help you recover these memories.  Through a session known as "past life regression," you can journey to those lives and see evidence of people and circumstances in your present life that played key roles in the past. PJ is a certified hypnotist and was certified in past life regression and "Life-Between-Lives" exploration by Dr. Allen and Dee Chips.  Dr. Michael Newton chose Dr. Allen Chips to co-create the training for his "Life-Between-Lives" technique.  Later, Dr. Allen Chips and Marjorie Reynolds worked together to create the Chips/Reynolds method, which is a client-centered, nondirective approach, allowing for a wider spiritual–philosophical experience. PJ utilizes a combination of both methods and also trained with Marjorie Reynolds for her "Life-Between-Lives" certification.  PJ also trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, who has authored many books on past life regression and appeared on Oprah and Dr. Oz.  PJ has been facilitating past life regression sessions since 2005 and "Life-Between-Life" explorations since 2006.

Past lives are a springboard for understanding our current problems.  You can use past life journeys to help with a variety of problems, including fear and phobias, relationship difficulties, health problems and blockages in such areas as abundance and creativity.  In many cases, chronic pain or unexplained pain are also linked to past lives. This is where past life regression becomes present life healing.

Listen to a Blog-Talk Radio Show where PJ discusses Past Life Regression with her friend Psychic Medium Kim St.Andre
In these sessions, PJ helps you access a timeline of your present life and old traumas can be accessed, healed and released. Most past life sessions are just under two hours.   The session involves gentle hypnosis, during which you relax and follow a series of suggestions that allow you to travel back in time to a past life or lives. Most people report that the journey is like “watching a movie of myself” in another time and place. We also introduce you to YOUR Spirit Guides and Angels and show you how to work with these wondrous beings in the healing process.  PJ now includes a module to meet your guides and angels in all past life regression sessions
She has additional training with Deborah King and others in leading Spirit Guide sessions.
All past life regression sessions are recorded and an Mp3 of your session is emailed to you a few days after your sessionIf you feel your current issues may relate to your present life, Age Regression is also available.

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Past Life Regression with PJ Spur

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