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Life Between Lives Exploration with PJ Spur 

Soul Revelations

This advanced form of hypnosis was pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D. and chronicled in his two books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.  A Life Between Lives session goes beyond past life regression. The techniques of such a journey allow us access to soul memories while under hypnosis to tap into the superconscious mind. Sessions typically last between three and four hours.  The process can also be called spiritual regression and enables you to connect with your soul-self or Higher Self.  While in this superconscious state, you will be able to connect with your immortal soul in the spirit world or soul plane.   

"To know ourselves spiritually means understanding why we joined in life with the souls of parents, siblings, spouses, and close friends.  There is
usually some karmic purpose for receiving pain or pleasure from someone close to us.  Remember, along with learning our own lessons,
we come to Earth to play a part in the drama of others' lessons as well." 

                                   ---Dr. Michael Newton, Journey of Souls  

Through Dr. Newton’s work we find that a single LBL session promotes many positive changes to a client’s life and a true understanding of life purpose. Many people tell us that gaining and using this information contributes greatly to peace of mind and clarity of purpose. Relaxation and a calm mind make for a rewarding regression or Life Between Lives session. Let go of preconceptions, expectations and previous experiences or knowledge and this will allow you to have a wonderful, real experience. Your analytical, logical, "left-brain" serves you well, but will only slow down your experience during a session. PJ is trained to help you let go and allow your mind to take a vacation. If you are an analytical thinker or are currently experiencing stress in your life, a daily practice of meditation, relaxation or guided visualization can be very helpful. You can find a number of helps here or at your local bookstore.  A short practice each day, even ten minutes, will help you to be able to relax and have a great session. You will want to begin this practice at least two weeks before your session. Set your intention or write down your goals for your session.  Ask your guides and angels to help you recover the information that will help you most at this juncture of your life. Each session is about three hours.

Note:  You will want to schedule a past life regression with PJ BEFORE you schedule a Life-Between-Lives session.  If you have already enjoyed a past life regression with PJ, contact her to schedule your Life Between Lives session: