“I’ve found that what I do is shine a light, so that you can see
​your own way to healing, and to a better life.” 
 ~PJ Spur, Psychic Intuitive

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t aware of  an inner voice that supports me. This is not to say that I ALWAYS listened to or heeded this voice! But, it has always been with me. I remember getting into the flow and making  “A’s” on multiple choice tests.  I recall getting a “hit” about whether this person was OK or not so OK. And, I remember that I was keenly aware of the moods of others around me. This is a part of the fabric of being me, as an Empath.

How do I receive guidance for others?
I still my inner mind and connect to Spirit . I am a receiver, like a radio. In this way, I connect with my Guides and Angels and they, in turn, connect to YOUR Guides and Angels. I tune in to your frequency and receive messages from Spirit with my clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing) or clairsentience (feeling.)  Sometimes, I may receive a message that I just KNOW, and that’s called claircognizance.
In addition to your Guides and Angels, your loved ones in Spirit can also come through.  If I am asking about your career plans and your Grandmother comes through, she may have a message about someone at your office or a mentor you are about to meet. I feel very privileged to bring through friends and loved ones in Spirit. This is called “mediumship.” 
During the Summer of 2012, I trained with two mediums from the Arthur Findlay College.  This training is based on the Spiritualist tradition and helped me to sharpen my skills and fine tune myself for easier connections to Spirit.  Then, in the Fall of 2012, I trained with Charles Virtue and Tina Marie Daly to become more adept at communicating with the Angels.  Charles is the son of author and fourth generation metaphysician Doreen Virtue. You will see books by Doreen AND Charles on HayHouse.com and Amazon.com. Click to learn more about Angel Sessions.
All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. I use both my Psychic skills AND my Mediumship skills to receive guidance for my clients.  These sessions are available In Person at my office or via phone or Skype.  All guidance sessions or readings are pre-paid prior to scheduling your appointment.

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