All of the years that I was buying crystals and making jewelry for myself and others, I was intuitively using crystals for emotional support and healing.  Last year, I felt led to take some training and chose to work with Michelle Welch at SoulTopia Academy.  I earned my Level 1 and Level 2 certifications in crystal healing.   Now I make crystal selections in a more conscious fashion, although I still rely on my intuition to guide me in some instances.
When a relative passed away last summer, I collected some crystals for grief and put them in a silk bag in my purse.  I also wore two yellow calcite bracelets, which support grief and grieving. After the funeral, I flew home and reflected on how I felt. This is what I told my husband Steve:  “I felt supported.  I felt that with the essential oils and crystals, I was held in the arms of my angels
and was free to feel my feelings, without the fear of being overwhelmed.”

What are some other crystals to use for emotional support and healing?  Well, you can always Google “crystals for ______” and get lots of information. There are also wonderful crystal bibles and books available.  I recommend those by Adrienne Goff, Philip Permutt and Judy Hall.  Go to Half Price Books and ask your friends what crystal books have supported their growth.

There are many ways that you can use a crystal or stone. Choose a method that is comforting and easy for you to do. Here are some ideas:
1. Hold it in your hand and close your eyes for a few seconds. As you feel your feelings, allow the power of the stone to support you.  Then, ask the crystal to alleviate your pain and gently clear the energy. Lepidolite or Lithium Quartz are my favorite crystals for soothing myself or calming anxiety.  I also love Rose Quartz and it is very inexpensive to obtain.
2. Carry one or two stones in your pockets. I usually carry a Black Tourmaline in my pocket for negativity or negative people.

3. Put a crystal under your pillow for healing while you sleep. You can also place crystals on your nightstand, dresser or around your home for healing and to add beauty.
4. Buy beads of the crystals and make a bracelet or necklace to soothe and heal yourself. Lapiz is one of my favorites.  However, I have LOTS of necklaces and bracelets in all colors.

5. Hold a crystal during meditation or sit it on a table or shelf nearby.  Amethyst or Smokey Quartz are good to use.  Another favorite is Clear Quartz, because it amplifies any other stone.
It's fun to go to a "rock shop" or metaphysical store that sells crystals and let a crystal "pick" you.  Then, you can research the crystals you took home and learn more about yourself and how crystals can support you in your healing and growth. A simple rule of thumb is to buy a crystal in the color that corresponds to the chakra you may be wanting to heal or balance.   

When you schedule a Guidance Reading or Coaching Session, I may refer to specific crystals or gemstones that your Guides & Angels recommend for your journey. 

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Crystals for Healing and Energy Management


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