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Astrology is a wonderful way to learn about yourself, your skills and talents, your unique qualities and what you came here to be and do in this life. For the most accurate reading, I need your time and place of birth. Your Natal Chart is a kind of sky map or blueprint of the heavens on the day, time and place where you were born.  This map is plotted on a circular chart that is divided into 12 houses, each one marked with a sign and a ruling planet. Your chart is unique, because the 1st House is set by your Rising Sign and each planet is placed in a house according to your birthday.

“What’s your sign?” we would ask in the ‘70’s and I’d answer “Sagittarius.”  In 2010 or so, a good friend read my chart and told me that my Capricorn Moon and Gemini Rising Sign.  The next year, my first granddaughter was born and her Sun Sign is Gemini.  In another reading, I learned that my granddaughter and I would be very close, because of the Gemini tie-in.  And this is so true!

Fast forward to 2020, when I was considering taking an astrology course.  Steve and I went to Los Angeles to take a class with Medium Gordon Smith. He did a gallery and brought through Steve’s Dad and my Dad. The Dads went back and forth with personal messages for each of us. Gordon said that they were closing down, to allow another Spirit Person to come through.  Then Gordon said, “PJ, your dad has one more message.  It’s just one word:  Astrology. I’m guessing you know what that means.” 

So, I took two series of foundational classes with Astrologer Monte Farber, learning how to read a chart and how to add layers of more information to truly customize a reading. Next, I took a 17-week class with Evolutionary Astrologer, Sabrina Monarch. Not only did she teach us her unique way of reading a chart, she also included a reading list for information on Pluto, Saturn, North and South Nodes. I’ve also completed a certification with Yasmin Boland in Moonology and can show you how to use the Moon to manifest what you really want in life.

I offer two types of unique astrology readings: 
1) Astrology Reading, which is a quick review of your Natal Chart, including Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.
2) Soul Compass Reading, with an emphasis on who you are here to be in the world and what you are here to do. Helpful if you want to make a career change or open new chapter. This report also comes with a written Soul Compass Guide of all of the information I share.

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