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Age Regression with PJ Spur 

Age regression is a form of hypnosis in which the client returns to an earlier stage of life, in order to explore a memory or to get in touch with an aspect of her personality which may be difficult to access.  Hypnosis provides a safe and comfortable environment in which a client can find the beginning or cause of an issue and neutralize it.   As a certified hypnotist, PJ uses age regression to guide the client back to remember the event in a safe and detached way. By going back to the core event, PJ can help the person find repressed trauma, discover the sources of compulsive behaviors or obsessive thinking, find the source of fears and phobias, or re-frame or re-pattern key relationships.

For example, a woman has a fear of being left alone and abandoned, although she is married and the mother of two small children. She grew up in a happy family of five and has no recollection of anything that would bring on such feelings of abandonment. During hypnosis, she remembers a time around age 2, when her mother “left her” with a neighbor for a week, while she traveled out of town to visit a relative that had been in an accident and subsequently died.   When she experienced what really happened, the feelings of abandonment she had suffered all of her life were healed.  The client also talked with her mother regarding the event and learned even more, which aided in her healing and growth.

You might also want to be aware that age regression sometimes presents itself spontaneously in the course of a past life regression session. For example, PJ was guiding a man through a past life experience and, instead of going to another past life, he traveled to his own childhood.  There, he bonded with a family pet and learned about unconditional love, which is something his mother didn't give. By remembering this, he was able to forgive his mother, heal and move on. 

If you are interested in both age regression and past life regression, PJ will usually recommend that you experience the age regression first.  It is usually advisable to deal with the issues in your current life before investigating past lives.  Once you have filled out your Client Information Form, PJ will advise you which course of action may be best for you. Most age regression sessions are about two hours. These sessions are recorded and an Mp3 will be emailed to you after your session.

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